Books by Christine Dwyer Hickey

The Narrow Land (March 2019)

The Narrow Land by Christine Dwyer Hickey1950: late summer season on a light-infused Cape Cod. Michael is a ten-year-old German boy, orphaned during the war. Richie is the lonely son of a wealthy American army officer killed in action. Left to their own devices, the boys get to know a couple living nearby - the artists Edward and Jo Hopper - and an unlikely friendship is forged.

The Lives of Women - April 2014

The Lives of Women by Christine Dwyer Hickey

Elaine Nichols returns home after a long exile spent in New York to live in the home of her childhood with her invalid father and his geriatric alsatian dog. The house backing on to theirs is sold and as the old furniture is removed to make way for the new, she is taken back in time to a summer in the 1970’s when she was almost sixteen.

Snow Angels

Snow AngelsSnow Angels' is Christine Dwyer Hickey's first play and was staged at the Project Arts Centre in March 2014.

Part psychological thriller, part ghost story, this is a modern tale, full of tension and mystery. Shot through with black humour, it questions contemporary Ireland and the current lost generation of young men who find themselves trapped by the expectations of society, family, women and self.

Snow Angels published by New Island is now available in all good bookshops.

The House on Parkgate Street and Other Dublin Stories

A child wandering alone through a racecourse; an elderly lady grasping at a thread of memory; a young girl watching prostitutes from her window as they ply their trade; an Indian taxi driver living in his cab: these are some of the fractured lives and fragile hearts we meet in The House on Parkgate Street and Other Dublin Stories.

The Cold Eye of Heaven

The Cold Eye of Heaven by Christine Dwyer HickeyFarley is an elderly Dublin man, frail in body but sharp as a tack. Waking in the middle of the night, he finds himself lying paralyzed on the cold bathroom floor. And so his mind begins to move backwards, taking us with him.

Last Train from Liguria

Last Train from Liguria by Christine Dwyer HickeyIn 1933, Bella Stuart leaves a lonely, restricted life in London to head for Italy and become a tutor to the wealthy Lami family. Her pupil. Alec, is the ‘not quite right’ child of a Jewish heiress and an elderly Italian aristocrat. When Alec’s father dies, Signora Lami sends him to live at the family’s summer residence in Bordighera, to be cared for by Bella and Edward, his reserved and enigmatic music teacher.


Tatty by Christine Dwyer HickeyTatty is the story of a Dublin family as told through the eyes of one of its children over a ten year period. During this time we see the destruction brought about by alcoholism as one little girl tries to come to terms with her parents’ drinking.

The Dublin Trilogy

(Marino Books 1995-2000 and New Island 2005-2007)

The Dancer

The Dancer by Christine Dwyer HickeyIt’s 1918, wartime in Dublin, a city of contrasts - great wealth and dire poverty, while the politics of change make a distant thunder.

The Dancer of the title is the youngest of three, petted if not quite understood by his elder sisters both of whom in different ways are unhappy in their marriages, the younger, Kate, made more miserable by a facial defect.

The Gambler

The Gambler by Christine Dwyer HickeyThis haunting novel, the second of the trilogy, is set for the most part in Dublin between the wars and is a disturbingly accurate picture of a family’s slow decline. The shadowy figure of the dancer reappears while his son, the gambler of the title, struggles through to early manhood.

The Gatemaker:

The Gatemaker by Christine Dwyer HickeyThe third part of the trilogy opens in the suburb of Crumlin in one of the new corporation estates where the Dancer now lives. This novel explores the lives of his three sons, Herbert (The Gatemaker), George (The Gambler) and Charlie.