The Dancer

The Dancer sets the stage for this masterful trilogy of Dublin novels.

It’s 1918, wartime in Dublin, a city of contrasts – great wealth and dire poverty, while the Great War finally comes to an end.
The Dancer of the title is the youngest of three, petted if not quite understood by his elder sisters both of whom in different ways are unhappy in their marriages, the younger, Kate, made more miserable by a facial defect.

Around this family swirl a crowded world of characters worthy of Dickens. Most notable is Greta, the country girl on the make, highly talented and only as ruthless as she needs to be. But it is perhaps the imaginative realisation of The Dancer that is most memorable in this unique and richly woven debut


‘This plush, perverse world is highly addictive.’
Nuala O’Faolain.


‘An assured debut, and most beautifully written. ‘
Vincent Banville, The Irish Times.